The MR Sub-Core of the SAIF provides the instrumentation and expertise necessary to perform a broad spectrum of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy studies.

  • Optical Bioluminescence

    The Optical/Bioluminescence Sub-Core of the SAIF provides the capability to perform cellular and molecular non-invasive in-vivo bioluminescence, near-infrared fluorescence and Cerenkov imaging.

  • PET, SPECT, and CT Services

    The PET Center operates various small animal PET, SPECT, and CT scanners for different research and scanning needs.

  • Ultrasound & Photoacoustics

    The Ultrasound Sub-Core of the SAIF offers an array of research services for pre-clinical research including quantitative image analysis and consultation.

  • Housing / Longitudinal Studies

    To prevent the spread of disease among the general animal population, SAIF provides its own animal housing. Read more about our housing services.

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