Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD

Welcome to Penn Medicine's Department of Radiology, a recognized world leader in radiological patient care, education and research.

From its beginning as one of the first radiology services in the world in 1896, the Department of Radiology at Penn Medicine has had an important role in shepherding the field forward through research, education and clinical innovation, all focused on providing the highest level of patient care. Our department is focused on the use of the most advanced medical imaging to detect, diagnose and guide treatment of disease. We perform more than a million diagnostic and therapeutic procedures annually across our network of academic centers, community hospitals and outpatient clinics. The variety of studies and procedures we do enables us to provide access to a wide and ever-evolving range of state-of-the-art care, in settings that match the needs of a diverse patient population.

Our educational programs draw students and radiological colleagues from around the globe. We offer an outstanding residency program with many specialized opportunities, clinical fellowships and basic science graduate and post-doctoral programs, and extensive continuing education. All our programs are focused on innovative delivery models to optimize the learning experience.

Radiology research at Penn has a long and impressive track record of breakthroughs and innovations that have expanded knowledge of the basic science of medical imaging, as well as clinical applications with more immediate, translational uses. Our research program derives its strength from a multidisciplinary approach and integration between clinical, basic science and technology-focused research. Our growing portfolio of research creates opportunities that continue to drive innovation in new and emerging fields.

As radiology faces the disruption promised by the information technology revolution, expected changes in healthcare delivery models and the ongoing rapid advancement in imaging technology, Penn Radiology’s strength prepares us to lead the field forward. Our vision of the future highlights our central role in ushering in medicine’s information age, the value of our leadership in novel care delivery models, and robust patient-facing programs.

Whether taking care of patients or seeking out answers that will pave the way for new and improved treatments, none of these accomplishments are possible without the tireless efforts of the faculty, trainees and staff who teach, who conduct research and who care for our patients. We rely on our diverse workforce driving our commitment forward by engaging them, by inspiring them and by challenging them.

We are proud to continue our more than 100-year tradition of advancing the educational, research and clinical frontiers of radiology, and look forward to the new discoveries that will refine and transform the practice of radiology in the years to come.

Mitchell D. Schnall, MD, PhD
Chairman, Department of Radiology
Eugene P. Pendergrass Professor of Radiology

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