Department of Radiology

Our department sponsors three outstanding separate residency programs in association with our two academic hospitals.

Radiology Residency

Penn Radiology is very proud of its three separate residency programs, all of which share a profound commitment to teaching and training future generations of academic and private practice radiologists and interventionalists.

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The Department of Radiology at Penn Medicine offers three distinct residency programs to support and train future leaders in the field. All programs share a commitment to provide exceptional training in a rigorous and challenging environment.

During the course of your career in radiology, medicine in general and radiology in particular will undergo enormous technical, clinical, organizational, and political changes. The radiology training program at The University of Pennsylvania is set to prepare the innovators and leaders of the future. We invite you to apply.

Radiology Residency Programs: HUP

We strive to train clinically outstanding radiologists and develop leaders in all areas of the discipline including education, research, business, and politics.

Radiology Residency Program: PAH

Our department provides a full learning environment for residents in our diagnostic radiology program at Pennsylvania Hospital. Learn more about our program.

Training Verification

Get instructions for requesting verification of previous graduate medical education training in Penn Radiology programs.

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