Department of Radiology

Dr. Mitch Schnall, Director of Radiology Research, created the Radiology Clinical Core Facility (RADCORE) in early 2007. His vision was to create a highly qualified and well-educated pool of coordinators within the Department of Radiology.


Today, our mission is to provide a support system for coordinators within the Department of Radiology and:

  • Build a strong research coordinator team within the Department of Radiology
  • Set up a network for research coordinators where assistance can be provided in the orientation of new research coordinators, and in the education of co-workers through the sharing of expertise (ex., MR, CT, and/or PET)
  • Gain knowledge and further careers within the Department of Radiology
  • RADCORE also houses an IND Support Service that manages a portfolio of regulatory support for investigational diagnostic imaging probes requiring IND or RDRC regulatory approval and support. This service is managed by Kathleen Thomas, whom investigators interested in investigational tracers should contact. See also PET Center for further information about investigational PET imaging probes.

Hierarchy of RADCORE

Steering Committee

The mission of the RADCORE Steering Committee is to serve as a central location for research and:

  • Oversee the Radiology Research Coordinators and the research conducted within the department
  • Match coordinators with new research studies within the department
  • Oversee regulatory and compliance issues for all research studies within the Radiology Department
  • Organize and develop educational sessions
  • Standardize operating procedures within the department
  • Communicate information effectively to RADCORE

Advisory Committee

The mission of the RADCORE Advisory Committee is to:

  • Organize and plan educational sessions
  • Develop the RADCORE newsletter
  • Develop the new coordinator training manual
  • Assist the Steering Committee

RADCORE Policy & Procedure Manual

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