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Radiologists, physicists, and technologists help researchers utilize the resources available within the Department of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania. Our mission is to oversee proposed research protocols that involve human, animal, phantom or specimen studies in an effort to achieve two goals:

  • To ensure that all research performed on the CT scanners comply with CACTIS and University policy, and Federal Regulations
  • To determine if CACTIS can maintain the resources required to carry out each research protocol, including personnel, software, hardware and scan time

Under the direction of the Chair, Dr. Harold Litt, the CACTIS committee reviews proposed research requests and makes decisions and recommendations accordingly.

Additionally, CACTIS:

  • Oversees the day-to-day operations of all CT procedures associated with research protocols
  • Provides information regarding the use of the CT facilities to the research community at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Provides CACTIS users with all of the policies of the institution governing research
  • Ensures that CACTIS is in compliance with these policies

Fee for service: The service center strives to support the Perelman School of Medicine’s research endeavors by providing CT research services for a fee designed only to cover actual costs.

For policies, procedures, CACTIS applications, consent form language, and the rate card for fees, please refer to the links in the left hand column.

For questions contact:

Lisa Angilletta, Clinical Research Coordinator
Center for Advanced Computed Tomography Imaging Services (CACTIS)
Radiology Research, CVI Imaging
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce Street, Silverstein 1
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office Phone: 215-662-4595
Mobile Phone: 856-524-0356
Fax: 215-662-7868


  • Purpose and Mission

    CACTIS is designed to establish policies and procedures for the research use of CT scanners within Penn Radiology, including human and animal research.

  • Meet Our Team

    The Center for Advanced Computed Tomography Imaging Services includes top notch members from the Department of Radiology at Penn Medicine.

  • Tools for Researchers

    CACTIS offers tools for researchers, including animal and human research protocols, and multiple policies and procedures.

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