Penn Radiology SAIF - IVIS Spectrum - instrumentation
IVIS Spectrum

The facility currently houses a Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina II, Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina III, Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina S5, Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum, two Li-COR Pearl Trilogy Imagers and a Curadel Lab FLARE. The Facility offers assistance with experimental design, regulatory approval, troubleshooting, data management, analysis and display.

The instrumentation allows sensitive, non-invasive molecular imaging for a variety of applications including detection and quantification of various bioluminescent or fluorescent reporter-expressing cells or tissues (in culture or in small animals.


Penn Radiology SAIF Li-COR Pearl Trilogy instrumentation
Li-COR Pearl Trilogy
  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina II (John Morgan Building, Room B100)
  • Li-COR Pearl Trilogy (John Morgan Building, Room B100 and SCTR 1-133)
  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum (SCTR 1-133)
  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina III and Lumina S5 (SCTR 6-124 behind SCXC barrier)
  • Curadel Lab FLARE® (SCTR 1-133)


Penn Radiology SAIF Lab: Curadel Lab FLAREĀ® (SCTR 1-133) Instrument
Curadel FLARE
  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina II
    • In-vitro Imaging: cultured cell imaging, tissue/organ imaging
    • Bioluminescence imaging
    • Fluorescence imaging - GFP, DsRed, Cy5.5, ICG
  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina III
    • Advanced in vitro and in vivo bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging system
    • Seven fluorescence excitation filters and 19 fluorescence emission filters
    • Wide-field lens adapter allowing imaging of up to five mice simultaneously
  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina S5
    • Advanced in vitro and in vivo bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging system
    • Full fluorescence tunability through the NIR spectrum
    • Compute Pure Spectrum (CPS) spectral unmixing
    • High throughput tray to speed acquisition
  • Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum
    • Advanced in vitro and in vivo bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging system
    • 10 fluorescence excitation filters and 20 fluorescence emission filters
    • Spectral unmixing and 3D imaging capability
  • LI-COR Pearl Trilogy
    • In vitro and in vivo fluorescence imaging
    • 700 nm, 800 nm channels - IRDye 680, IRDye 700DX, IRDye 800RS, IRDye 800CW, Alexa Fluor 680, Alexa Fluor 750, Cy5.5, Cy7
    • Simultaneous detection of 700 nm and 800 nm channels
  • Curadel Lab FLARE
    • Open surgery to digital pathology
    • Simultaneous acquisition of color videos, 700 nm and 800 nm NIR fluorescence
    • High sensitivity, high resolution, high specificity imaging and quantification of two independent targets

Assistance provided per user request:

  • Rodent anesthesia
  • Substrate injection
  • Animal shaving
  • Living Image and Pearl Cam acquisition
  • Data quantification and analysis
  • Transferring Living Image/Pearl Cam data to other file formats
  • General advice on experimental design or protocol plans

Rates and Scheduling

The core is set up to provide service at fee with no profit built in. The fees charged include costs for current personnel, operation, necessary equipment maintenance and upgrades, etc.

Penn Radiology SAIF - Perkin Elmer IVIS Lumina S5 - instrumentation
IVIS Lumina S5

Rates: As of July 1, 2020, usage rates are $135 per hour for the IVIS Spectrum, IVIS Lumina S5 and the IVIS Lumina III, $90 per hour for the IVIS Lumina II scanner and for the Li-COR Pearl Trilogy scanners. Data analysis and training is free of charge. Limited free time is available on the Curadel Flare System to establish new protocols. 


Contact Information

Jim Delikatny, PhD
Director, Optical Bioluminescence Sub-Core and Research Professor of Radiology
Phone: 215-898-3105

Ching-Hui Huang, PhD 
Technical Director, Optical Bioluminescence Sub-Core
Phone: 215-746-1427

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