Penn's kidney transplant program is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of specialists who partner with community nephrologists and local dialysis units to manage patients' care from the evaluation visit to the transplant procedure and postoperative care.

While primarily committed to patient care, these faculty members are also actively engaged in clinical and laboratory research designed to improve survival and quality of life for kidney transplant recipients. Their goal is to provide the best care and restore each patient to a full and productive life.

The following members of the kidney transplant team are involved in patients' care throughout the transplant process:

Kidney Transplant Surgeons

Kidney Transplant Nephrologists

Non-Physician Providers

  • Georgeine Smith, MS, MHS, PA-C
  • Kelly Cederquist, MMSc, PA-C

Kidney Transplant Coordinators

Social Workers

  • Jason Kim, MSW
  • Brandy Gottlieb, MSS, LSW
  • Elizabeth Spina, MSW

Financial Coordinators

  • Kara Hovatter
  • Tara Koslowski
  • Naiphesa Hilliard

Transplant Nutritionist

  • Tiffany Donahue, RD, LDN

Transplant Pharmacist

  • Jennifer Trofe-Clark, Pharm D., FAST, FCCP, BCPS
  • David Johnson, PharmD

Renal Nurse Practitioners

  • Jenna Angerstein, MSN, CRNP, CCTN
  • Naomi Barton, MSN, CRNP
  • Gail Eastman, MSN, CRNP
  • Jordan Shaffer, PA-C

Living Donor Advocate

  • Claudia Smith, MSSA, LCSW, CCTSW

Living Donor Team

Transplant Outreach Coordinator

Clinical Director, Abdominal Organ Transplant

  • Colleen Cook, BSN, RN, CCTC

Manager, Transplant Outreach and Communication

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