At Penn Medicine, we don't just treat the condition, we treat the individual. We are dedicated to helping you achieve optimal well-being – mentally, physically, and emotionally. We provide quality wellness programs and resources to help you through your health experience before, during, and after your care at Penn. Learn about new medical discoveries or important health tips from our Health and Wellness Blog, access your lab results from our online patient portal, myPennMedicine, or find a support group to help you or a loved one gain further insight about your specific condition.

  • Health and Wellness Blog

    Get your health information from trusted resources - Penn physicians.

  • myPennMedicine

    myPennMedicine is a patient portal that provides real-time information about medical records, prescriptions, and other important information about you and your care.

  • Medical Records

    What do I need in order to get my medical records?

  • Support Groups

    Support groups are a great way to learn more information about specific health topics and a great way to meet others who are facing the same health issues as you. Penn Medicine offers a variety of support groups led by health care professionals.

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