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Whatever comes next in your life, your heart has to come first. And at Penn Medicine, you’ll find some of America’s top doctors, technologies and treatment options right in your own community.

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At Penn Medicine's Heart and Vascular Center, we are dedicated to getting you back to the life you want to live. With the region's largest cardiac arrhythmia, valve disease, vascular surgery, heart failure and heart transplant programs, Penn's experienced teams are committed to delivering more options, more personalized care and more convenient care close to home. We are also home to the Cardiovascular Research Institute where Penn researchers are relentlessly pursuing new advances in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart and vascular conditions.

From Our Hearts to Yours: Cardiovascular Care During COVID-19

Penn Heart and Vascular experts share what people should know about cardiovascular care during COVID-19. From the dangers of delaying care to why our facilities have never been safer to what they're looking forward to most, here's what they want to share with you.

Programs and Services

Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Program between Penn and CHOP specializing in adult patients born with heart problems.

Aortic Center

Our team of specialists treats more people with aortic disease than any other center in the area.

Cardiac Arrhythmia

Internationally recognized program for diagnosing, treating and researching cardiac arrhythmias

Cardiac Rehab

An outpatient cardiac rehabilitation center is your solution for maintaining a heart healthy lifestyle after a diagnosis of a heart condition.


Offering specialized cardiac care for cancer patients and survivors, bringing together specialists in both cardiology and oncology to treat and protect your heart at every stage of cancer treatment and beyond.

Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease

Inherited cardiac disease affects multiple generations. The Penn Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease provides comprehensive care for genetic heart conditions.

Coronary Artery Disease

Offering the full range of medical, interventional and surgical options for heart disease

Heart Failure

Heart failure occurs when the heart can’t pump enough blood to meet the body’s needs. Our expert team helps thousands of patients live longer, fuller lives.

Heart Surgery

Our expert team uses the latest minimally invasive techniques or traditional procedures, to deliver life-improving outcomes.

Heart Transplant

Penn’s cardiac surgeons perform more heart transplants than all regional centers combined.

Heart Valve Disease

Surgeons and cardiologists use innovative catheter-based procedures and minimally invasive surgery to repair and replace heart valves.

Interventional Cardiology

Offering non-surgical treatments for many forms of heart disease

Lipid Disorders

Reducing cardiac events in patients with high cholesterol and triglycerides

Preventive Cardiovascular

Specializing in the assessment and management of patients who at risk for heart disease

Primary Cardiology

Offers patients with cardiovascular disease the highest level of medical expertise

Pulmonary Hypertension/Pulmonary Vascular Disease Program

Providing expert diagnosis and treatment for patients with pulmonary hypertension and pulmonary vascular disease

Sports Cardiology

Providing personalized care and recommendations for athletes of all ages and abilities, including those currently dealing with a cardiac condition

Vascular Medicine

Providing comprehensive, non-surgical care for patients with vascular conditions

Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy

Providing the most advanced surgical and endovascular care for vascular disease

Mechanical Circulatory Support

Our team of specialists offer sophisticated devices and therapies to support patients in cardiogenic shock, advanced heart failure, or those awaiting a heart transplant.

Women’s Cardiovascular Health Program

Designed to meet the challenges of accurately diagnosing and treating heart disease in women

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