The Penn Rodebaugh Diabetes Center and Penn Endocrinology Associates at Pennsylvania Hospital offer family-oriented approaches to patient care. Endocrinologists, clinicians and support staff provide a variety of treatments and services to help patients with diabetes and their families manage diabetes and develop healthy, normal lifestyles.

Patient-Centered Diabetes Care

At Penn Medicine, patients are active members of the healthcare team.

Patients receive:

  • Education
  • Traditional treatment from a multidisciplinary team of experts in diabetes management
  • Options to manage diabetes
  • Access to new techniques in diabetes management
  • Access to clinical trials for diabetes

It is important for patients receiving diabetes care to:

  • Keep regular appointments
  • Monitor blood glucose
  • Record blood glucose
  • Follow medication plans
  • Follow meal plans
  • Complete yearly eye exams, blood glucose testing and kidney screenings
  • Evaluate quarterly A1c to measure overall diabetes control
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