Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center is close to several hotels. When making reservations as a patient or family member, be sure to ask for the hospital room rate.

The Sheraton University City requires a letter from the hospital confirming your eligibility. To ensure you receive the hospital room rate, please call Penn Presbyterian's patient and guest relations department at 215-662-9100 with the hotel confirmation number. A confirmation letter will be faxed to the hotel. If leaving a voicemail, please include the spelling of the guest's first and last names, the date(s) he/she will be staying and the hotel confirmation number.

This map is centered on the area around Penn Presbyterian Medical Center. You may zoom or scroll around on this interactive map to find other nearby accommodations.

Please note that this map is not a complete listing of area hotels and inclusion does not imply endorsement by Penn Medicine.

Volunteer Host-homes

Hosts for Hospitals
Lodging at nearby volunteers host-homes for $20/night

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