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What Is Cranial Base Tumor?

The cranial base, also referred to as skull base, is the area behind the eyes and nose that slopes down to the back of the head. It forms the floor, or base, of the skull. Cranial base tumors are some of the most challenging, complex and technically demanding tumors to treat. The Center for Cranial Base Surgery at Penn Medicine is the Philadelphia region's premier center for the evaluation and treatment of tumors of complex cranial base disorders.

Applying the most advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques, surgeons from the department of neurosurgery and otorhinolaryngology evaluate and treat a variety of skull base disorders, including:

Benign skull base tumor types include:

  • Acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma)
  • Craniopharyngioma
  • Glomus tumors (also called paraganglioma, glomus tympanicum, glomus jugulare, and carotid body tumor)
  • Meningioma 
  • Neuroma (trigeminal neuroma, vagal schwannoma)
  • Paraganglioma 
  • Pituitary tumor (usually benign) = most are Pituitary adenoma
  • Tumors in the soft tissues and bones of the head, upper face and sinuses 

Malignant skull base tumor types include:

  • Tumors in the soft tissues and bones of the head, upper face and sinuses

Treatment at Penn

Penn Center for Cranial Base Surgery offers a full range of advanced surgical procedures available today to treat cranial base tumors. A team of experts reviews your case and provides a group decision on the recommended treatment option. Learn about the Cranial Base Surgery Treatments and Procedures

Penn Programs & Services for Cranial Base Tumor

Skull Base Surgery

Penn's Center for Cranial Base Surgery diagnoses and treats head and neck tumors as well as other complex skull base disorders.

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