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At Penn Rhinology, our specialists are regionally and nationally recognized for their experience in treating complex and chronic nasal and sinus disorders. Many patients seeking treatment at Penn have not had access to the combination of therapies we have to offer that can effectively treat their chronic sinus condition. For example, Penn researchers have found that chronic sinusitis is not strictly an anatomic issue as previously thought, but also an inflammatory problem. In more complex cases, the best approach involves both medical therapies in conjunction with surgery to successfully manage and treat chronic sinus conditions.

Leaders in Surgical Rhinology Treatment

Our rhinologists have pioneered leading edge surgical techniques, restoring nasal function for those who have had unsuccessful treatment in the past. We perform very high volumes of these minimally invasive procedures using the latest surgical instrumentation, including image guidance navigation, to provide precise and safe care.

Advanced sinus surgical procedures for chronic rhinosinusitis:

  • Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS)
    • A minimally invasive surgical technique used to open nasal passages and improve drainage. FESS is commonly performed to correct sinus problems that have not responded well to other treatment.
  • Sinus revision surgery
    • We specialize in complex sinus revision surgery for difficult-to-treat cases. Many of our patients seek sinus revision surgery at Penn when their past surgery at another medical center was unsuccessful. Due to the close proximity of the paranasal sinuses to critical structures including the eyes and the brain, often these areas of the sinuses are not completely operated on and continue to harbor disease in these regions. At Penn, because we have specialized expertise and leading edge surgical equipment, we are able to operate safely in these challenging areas of the sinuses.
  • Medical Therapies for Chronic Sinus Conditions

    Implementing the latest topical and medical therapies is an important component of treatment for those with chronic sinus conditions.

  • Treatment for Sinus Tumors

    Our rhinology program is highly experienced in treating the full spectrum of noncancerous and cancerous tumors of the sinuses as well as skull base tumors.

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