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Those who come to Penn Rhinology for a consultation can expect a comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis within a supportive and compassionate environment.

In order to ensure that your appointment runs smoothly, you will need to have the following information ready for our specialists:

  • Previous medical history and any records from prior otolaryngology appointments
  • Previous CT or MRI results
    • A prior radiologist report of the imaging
    • The scan itself (commonly placed on a CD). If you need a copy of your previous scan, reach out to the radiology department where your CT or MRI scan was performed and they will give you a copy of your results.
  • Surgical and pathology reports
  • List of current medications you may be taking
  • Insurance information
  • Any other applicable information such as a list of allergies, antibiotic history and other pertinent medical information that may be useful.

What to Expect at Your First Rhinology Appointment

woman meets with her doctor for appointmentAt your first appointment, you can expect to have a thorough consultation with one of our rhinology specialists. Your first consultation may involve diagnostic testing that may take some time, so be sure to dress comfortably.

On the day of your visit:

  • You will first be seen by one of our nurses followed by one of our advanced care providers.
  • A nasal endoscopy will likely be performed.
  • A complete review of past medical records and CT or MRI scans will be analyzed and discussed.
  • An in-office CT scan may be performed and results will be discussed on the same day.
  • Follow up treatment will be scheduled and an individualized treatment plan will be put in place.
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