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For Gerry Pernot of Scranton, PA, it was an impromptu conversation with a nurse at his cardiologist’s office that got him thinking about weight-loss surgery

The father of three was in for a stress test, and as he discussed his weight losses and gains throughout his life, the nurse working with him told him she recently had weight loss surgery at Penn Medicine. 

“At the time I was on diabetes, cholesterol and acid reflux medications,” remembers Gerry. “Listening to this nurse talk about how weight-loss surgery changed her own life inspired me to get more information myself.” 

Losing Weight For Good

Gerry's "After" Photo

Gerry began his weight-loss journey in December, 2011. “I went to an information session, and soon had my first appointment with Dr. Korus,” says Gerry. “That kick-started my journey to where I am today.” 

Gerry completed the required tests and screenings prior to gastric bypass surgery. 

“Everyone I came in contact with from the sleep study technicians to the pulmonologists and the nutritionists were fantastic,” says Gerry. “I couldn’t have asked for a more trusted or friendly team of experienced professionals to work with.”

Gerry began his medical weight management program (a requirement before surgery) where he worked with the Bariatric Surgery’s nutrition team to lose 40 pounds. 

Gerry had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Korus December 2012, and since then, he has lost 80 pounds more for a total of 120 pounds lost with Penn Medicine. 

“I just visited my primary care physician for a check up,” says Gerry, “and my blood work is text book normal! I am no longer on medications for diabetes and cholesterol, and I feel like a completely different – healthier – person.”

Overcoming Eating on the Go

Gerry's "After" Photo

Gerry says one of the biggest challenges has been eating on the go. Gerry travels a lot for work, and now finds himself preparing food he can take with him. 

“I bring protein shakes with me as an emergency,” says Gerry. “It can be challenging to find something healthy to eat when you are in a new city for business, especially if I get in late and things are closed.”

One thing Gerry likes to do when he does arrive in a new city, is visit the local grocery store where he can stock up on healthy foods for his hotel room. 

“This way, I know that I always have healthy foods for myself so I don’t have an excuse to eat poorly,” he says. 

Gerry adds that after years of losing and gaining weight, this weight loss is for good. 

“I recently red Al Roker’s book, Never Goin’ Back, and I really do believe that this time, I am never going back,” says Gerry. “I feel better than I ever have; I am in control.”

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