Before and after bariatric surgery photos of Beau Crowding

Beau's Story

Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Before and after bariatric surgery photos of Beau Crowding

Beau's Story

Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

After having to resign from firefighting due to his weight, Beau decided it was time to make a change and that bariatric surgery at Penn Medicine was the way to do it. 

Chiara, before and after photos

Chiara's Story

Since Chiara's sleeve gastrectomy, she has gone from being obese to completing triathlons.

Chris's "Before and After" Photos

Chris's Story

With a sleeve gastrectomy, Chris has gotten a second wind. 

Bruce, before and after photos

Dr. Sachais's Story

For Penn pathologist, Dr. Bruce Sachais, will power and knowledge weren't enough for him to lose weight the traditional way.

Bariatric patient Erika running

Erika's Story


Erika's Story


Erika was tired of always feeling physically and emotionally drained. After years of yo-yo dieting and weight fluctuations, Erika was feeling the physical and emotional effects of her weight. One day she decided it was time to make a change with bariatric surgery at Penn.

Fred's "Before and After" Photo

Fred's Story

After weight-loss surgery, Fred has lost 153 pounds and was able to get back to a fit and active lifestyle. 

Gerry's "Before and After" Photo

Gerry's Story

Through weight-loss surgery, Gerry lost 120 pounds and was able to get off diabetes, cholesterol and acid reflux medications for good.

Jackie's "Before and After" Photo

Jackie's Story

Jackie talks about how bariatric surgery helped her lose almost 150 pounds and cross things off of her bucket list.

Karletta's "Before and After" Photo

Karletta's Story

With Penn Bariatrics, Karletta lost 130 pounds and no longer has diabetes, sleep apnea or osteoarthritis pain.

Kathryn's "Before and After" Photo

Kathryn's Story

Kathryn shares how much better she felt as a mom and how much easier pregnancy was after bariatric surgery.

Lou's "Before and After" Photo

Lou's Story

Medical weight management helped Lou live more actively and find more enjoyment in life.

Michelle's "Before and After" Photo

Michelle's Story

With Penn and her running shoes, Michelle lost 100+ pounds and improved her lupus symptoms.

Ray's "Before and After" Photo

Ray's Story

Air force veteran, Raymond, shares how losing 90 pounds with gastric sleeve surgery helped turn his life around.

Shawn's "Before and After" Photo

Shawn's Story

Shawn explains why he chose to have bariatric surgery at Penn and gives advice to others. 

Susan's "Before and After" Photo

Susan's Story

Susan combatted her osteoarthritis with a roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

Photo of Susanne

Susanne's Story

Susanne, a young nurse, discusses her lifelong struggle with weight and the decision she made to have bariatric surgery.

Tonia's "Before and After" Photo

Tonia's Story

With bariatric surgery, Tonia said good-bye to asthma and congestive heart failure.

Tre's "Before and After" Photo

Tre's Story

With bariatric surgery, Tre lost 200 pounds and feels like he is now a better father and husband.

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