The PET/CT Imaging Facility includes scanners 4 scanners located at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine (PCAM).

The facility includes:

  • Multiple scanner rooms
  • Multiple control rooms
  • Multiple patient injection rooms
  • Two hot labs
  • Physician reading rooms

PET/CT Protocols

Standard Torso Survey PET/CT for FDG

  • Uptake Time: 60 min
  • Patient Position: Head first, supine, arms above the head (for optimal thoracic imaging)
  • Scan Length: Base of skull to the mid-thigh (from just inferior to the eyes to between the pelvis and the knees)
  • Scan Duration: 15–30 min (~8–10 bed positions)
  • Scan Direction: from Head toward feet)

Standard Whole Body PET/CT for FDG

  • Uptake Time: 60 min
  • Patient Positioning: Head first, supine with arms crossed low over the abdomen (allows the entire body, including arms, to be scanned)
  • Scan Length: Top of the head to the tip of the toes (typically a single scan, may be split into 2 scans for tall people)
  • Scan Duration: 35–50 min
  • Scan Direction: From head toward feet

Standard Brain PET/CT for FDG

  • Uptake Time: 30 min
  • Patient Positioning: Head first, supine, using a head holder, making sure the canthomeatal plane line is vertical. Arms crossed over the chest/abdomen or at sides (for patient comfort).
  • Scan Length: Single bed position that includes the entire brain
  • Scan Duration: 10 min
  • Scan Direction: N/A, single bed position

PET/CT Research Pricing

Charges will vary depending on the complexity of the image acquisition, interpretation, or data analyses that are beyond routine clinical care. Rates are not applicable for research studies that use the family account mechanism for research billable exams. Different rates are utilized for services routed via family accounts.

Please contact Erin Schubert and/or Gayle Meadows to obtain more pricing information and a budget estimate. 

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