Our research faculty lead diverse programs funded by the National Institutes of Health, foundations, and corporate sponsors with in the rich of environment of the Perelman School of Medicine.  These programs leverage Penn's many institutes and centers, including the Penn Cardiovascular Institute, the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, the Institute for Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, the Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics, and the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics.  Please see below for more detail.

 Arany Lab

The Arany lab pursues a mechanistic understanding of metabolism in the cardiovascular system, and its impact on diabetes, heart failure, and other metabolic diseases. The lab incorporates a wide range of approaches, from basic molecular biology to human genetics and whole-organism metabolism.

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 Cappola Lab

The Cappola Lab focuses on heart failure mechanisms, genomics, and therapeutics with an emphasis on studies in human subjects

 Epstein Lab

The Epstein Lab focuses on stem cell and developmental biology with an emphasis on epigenetics and nuclear architecture. 

 Jain Lab

The Jain Lab deciphers basic mechanisms regulating specification and differentiation of cells composing the heart. We also investigate how these mechanisms inform emerging cardiac regenerative approaches and therapeutics. 

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 Kahn Lab

The Kahn Lab investigates many aspects of vascular and cardiovascular biology, including blood and lymphatic vascular development and disease, and the role of fluid forces in cardiovascular biology, and hemostasis.

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 Kelly Lab

The Kelly Lab is interested in the control of energy metabolism and mitochondrial function in the developing and diseased heart. 

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 Ky Lab

The Ky Lab is interested in understanding the biologic and functional cardiovascular effects of cancer therapies in humans.

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 Kimmel Lab

Dr. Kimmel performs research aimed at improving the use of existing cardiovascular therapies through personalized medicine, behavioral interventions, and novel adherence methods.

  • Steven Kimmel, MD
    Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology; Director, Division of Clinical Epidemiology
    Director, Center for Therapeutic Effectiveness Research (CTER)

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 Margulies Lab

The Margulies Lab examines mechanisms of myocardial structural and functional remodeling to identify targets for therapeutic interventions.

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 Morrisey Lab

The goal of the Morrisey Lab is to define the molecular mechanisms underlying lung and cardiac development and tissue regeneration using a multi-platform approach including animal and human model systems.

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 Musunuru Lab

The Musunuru Lab focuses on the genetics of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and seeks to identify naturally occurring genetic variants that predispose to or protect against disease and can be used to develop therapies to protect the entire population.

 Scherrer-Crosbie Lab

The Scherrer-Crosbie Lab is interested in better understanding and detecting subclinical myocardial disease in cancer and in metabolic and adipose dysfunction.

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