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Bringing Mindfulness Into Schools: A Bucks County Educational Administrator Shares His Story


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Can mindfulness make a difference in school systems?

Yes, we think it can, and here’s one example of how the introduction of mindfulness is making an impact on the culture of a local school.

David Laboski is an Assistant Principle at Pennridge High School, in Perkasie, PA (Bucks County). He completed our 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Management Foundation program that was offered in collaboration with the Bucks County Intermediate Unit (BCIU) in the Fall of 2016. The BCIU supports Bucks County Schools with design and delivery of leadership, teaching and learning. Our program was offered by the BCIU to all teachers and administrators. After completing our program, David began bringing mindfulness into his school’s environment. We asked him how he introduced mindfulness into his school and what has been the impact so far.

Listen to our conversation with David

David is not alone in his quest to make his school more mindful. Mindfulness is now finding its way into many schools in the Philadelphia region, across the country and beyond. Like the BCIU offering which will be offered again in the Fall of 2017, many initiatives to integrate mindfulness into school settings are now fully supported by school administrators as the benefits of mindfulness on brain function and physical and emotional well-being continue to be revealed. These top-down mindfulness initiatives are a HUGE change from ten – even five – years ago, when mindfulness was quietly introduced into schools by a teacher here and there. With a son in first grade, I hope this trend continues!

How is mindfulness making a difference in your life? We want to hear from you! Contact us to share your story, and perhaps it will be featured here on our blog.

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