The Penn Program for Mindfulness provides a structured, systematic process for individuals to learn mindfulness-based approaches and apply them in their lives to find a happier, healthier and more fulfilling way to live.

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Lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life! Attend a class and experience what Mindfulness can do for you.

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The Penn Program for Mindfulness provides powerful tools for coping and personal growth. Combining modern cognitive science with ancient mindfulness techniques, the program teaches participants to change the way that they experience themselves and their world.

Participants learn to reconnect with the sources of meaning in their lives, to be steady in the most difficult moments and to connect more deeply with what matters most. Skillfully applied, mindfulness-based approaches help individuals to let go of unproductive habits and reactivity and start anew.

Information and Courses

About Us

Since 1992, the Penn Program for Mindfulness has adapted traditional meditation-based techniques to make them practical, easy to learn, and relevant to modern life.

Course Offerings

We provide a range of programs appropriate for the beginner to the experienced meditator as well as customized programs for specialized groups.

Class Locations & Directions

This is a comprehensive list of Penn Program for Mindfulness program locations.

Mindfulness Calendar

View all upcoming Penn Program for Mindfulness courses and events. Click on each course title for specific details about each course.

Continuing Education Credits

The Penn Program for Mindfulness offers Continuing Education (CEs) credits for psychologists, nurses and social workers for some courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view frequently asked questions which address topics including: kinds of programs offered, course costs, locations, enrollment process, and payment methods.

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