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    Current Issue: Spring/Summer 2017

    Millennials are part of a movement to encourage hospitals to embrace the ways technology can make work more flexible. The combination of new tools, new demands, and programs to address longstanding inequities is driving shifts in the culture of academic medicine—for everyone.

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    Winter 2017

    The legacy of visionary scientist, Penn Medicine alumnus, and longtime faculty member Peter C. Nowell, MD (1928-2016) stretches far beyond his famous 1960 discovery of the Philadelphia chromosome. His influence in cultivating the current and future landscape of precision therapies for cancer lives on. Also in this issue: Penn Medicine harnesses social media for health, a medical mystery in Guam, and a profile of an accomplished NIH biophysicist.

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    Fall 2016

    Not all drug companies have raised prices through enormous hikes, but both patients and hospitals are struggling to deal with the rising costs of drugs. What can be done?

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