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    Current Issue: Fall 2019

    The Innovation Issue: Innovation in health care is not just a matter of new technology. It's a process of testing new solutions and learning which solutions will succeed. From the advent of lab and data technologies that will transform care today and tomorrow, to the creative processes behind inventing medical devices and changing care models to help patients wherever they are, the story of innovation at Penn Medicine is still unfolding.
  • Summer2019

    Spring/Summer 2019

    We start in the fall of 2015. Follow along with seven students through the story of four years in medical school.
  • Preview Edition

    Fall/Winter 2018

    This year, 2018, marks 25 years since the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPHS) was first established—a milestone that would undoubtedly make the institution’s founder, Benjamin Franklin, proud.
  • Summer2018

    Spring/Summer 2018

    A groundbreaking genetic study seeks to transform the prevention and treatment of glaucoma while reversing historical racial disparities in who suffers from the disease and benefits from such research.
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