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Fighting Philly’s Food Insecurity, One Grocery Bag at a Time

Eden Engel-Rebitzer was in her third year at PSOM and had started her sub-internship when COVID-19 hit the region. Eager to find “a concrete thing [she] could do to alleviate suffering,” she and a group of compassionate peers created One Extra Bag, a grocery delivery program that aims to address food insecurities caused or worsened by the pandemic. Though the program began as a way to assist Penn Medicine housestaff, it quickly grew to include home-bound geriatric patients and individuals who became home-bound due to positive COVID-19 diagnoses. This is just one of the stories you’ll find in Service in Action, our community impact report for 2020. We invite you to read the stories, watch the videos, and learn about the people who are shaping the way Penn Medicine serves the communities that make us who we are.

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