A human silhouette shape stands in front of a colorful background that is filled with many abstract cell shapes. On top of the silhouette is an abstract shield outline.

The Immune Health Future, Today

Breaking the code of the immune system could provide a new fundamental way of understanding, treating, and preventing every type of disease. Penn Medicine is investing in key discoveries and building infrastructure to make that bold idea a reality.

Building on the Body’s Wisdom, a title graphic illustrated with Lego-style blocks

Building on the Body’s Wisdom: The Age of Immunotherapy

Treatments that manipulate or repair the immune system are becoming more commonplace. An age of immunotherapy is underway in medicine, starting with lifesaving cancer treatments and radiating out to have wider impacts.

89-year-old Walter Styer sits with his wife, Sarah, on a hay bale, both with their arms wrapped around several young great-grandchildren

Life, Gained: Walter Styer’s CAR T Story

Penn patient Walter Styer’s 11 life-filled years (and counting), after being the 10th participant in an early trial, are a testament to the impact of CAR T cell immunotherapy.

An arrangement of Lego blocks depicts the idea of a T cell at the edge of a cluster of cells that make up a tumor.

Engineering the Immune System to Tackle Solid Tumors

Scientists are still learning how to help CAR T cells evade the body’s defenses so they can effectively treat cancers in the breasts, brain, lungs, pancreas, and other organs.

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