An illustration with a texture like recycled paper shows colorful green hills, solar panels, and a hospital building and city skyline.

How Penn Medicine is going green for good health

To improve health while addressing climate change, Penn Medicine aims to become the most environmentally friendly health care system in the country.

An illustration of the sun’s rays hitting the earth and bouncing off of the earth and atmosphere to depict global warming

Health research on a warming planet

Climate change affects health, from viral transmission to the effectiveness of medications. Penn researchers are discovering how and seeking solutions.

Caoimhe Duffy, Julia Tchou, and Matt Carey stand outside of an operating room

Surgery and anesthesia teams address climate impacts in the OR

From rethinking anesthesia gases that have outsized greenhouse effects, to medical waste disposal, Penn Medicine is reducing the climate impacts of surgery.

Lindsay Schoenberger with Pamela Boimel, MD, PhD, in a proton therapy treatment room

The power of protons

Penn Medicine has treated more than 10,000 cancer patients with proton therapy—while leading the way in research on the healing potential of these positive particles.

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