COVID Protraits

Facing the Pandemic

COVID-19 is changing medicine in real time — and likely for good.


Profiles of Women in Medicine

One century, bracketed by two global pandemics. Between 1920 and 2020, women rose from second-class citizenship to take the reins as pioneering leaders in medicine, among all other areas of public life.

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Medicine Plus: From Preserving Mummies to Practicing Medicine

Charlotte Tisch’s first patient was a man named Nesmin. During a two-year internship, Tisch honed her observational skills and learned to better understand his needs, collaborated with an interdisciplinary team to develop personalized treatment plans, and used her growing expertise to care for him. The twist: Nesmin had been dead for more than two thousand years.

Future Proj

The Immune Front

COVID-19 is not just a virus. The clinical disease caused by the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, is the result of a complex and ongoing battle within the body between the invading virus and the body’s defense system.

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