What Is Cranial Base Disorders?

The cranial base is a small, yet highly complex area at the bottom portion of the skull where every nerve that connects the brain with the rest of the body must move through. If you have a cranial base disorder, you may experience neurological problems such as headaches, facial pain, blurred vision, dizziness, or seizures. These symptoms tend to occur when the tumor has grown large enough to press against nerves or the brain.

Penn Medicine’s Cranial Base Surgery team specializes in evaluating and treating cranial base disorders such as:

Treatment at Penn

Penn Center for Cranial Base Surgery offers a full range of advanced surgical treatments and procedures to treat cranial base disorders. Learn about the Cranial Base Surgery Treatments and Procedures

Penn Programs & Services for Cranial Base Disorders

Skull Base Surgery

Penn's Center for Cranial Base Surgery diagnoses and treats head and neck tumors as well as other complex skull base disorders.

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