Penn Medicine is the first in the region to offer referring physicians access to patients' medical records.

At Penn Medicine, we understand the importance of being able to track a patient’s progress.

If your patient is currently receiving treatment at one of our facilities, we encourage you to sign up for Penn PhysicianLink: An online portal offering secure access to electronic medical records and direct communication with our clinical teams. PhysicianLink users are permitted to exclusively access records of patients with whom they've had a direct treatment relationship.

PhysicianLink includes access to:

  • Patient encounters
  • Physician correspondence
  • Lab, radiology, cardiology and procedure reports
  • Medications
  • Allergies and medical history
  • Problem list

Before signing up

Who in your practice needs a PhysicianLink account? Both practitioners and administrative staff can request a PhysicianLink account. Anyone who intends to retrieve medical records and/or billing information must have an individual PhysicianLink account.

Identify a Site Administrator for your practice. This person (administrative staff, provider, etc.) will be assigned as your Site’s primary contact with Penn Medicine regarding technical questions and changes. They are granted the right to submit new PhysicianLink access requests and to deactivate individual accounts within the practice, when necessary.The Site Administrator should complete an online form for her/himself, as well as any individuals in the practice.

Get Started

Create an Account 

Providers who refer patients to Penn Medicine, can sign up for access to their patients’ electronic medical records. 

Using PhysicianLink 

Watch step-by-step tutorials reviewing common tasks in PhysicianLink, such as personalizing notifications, managing medication lists, etc.


See answers to commonly asked questions about administrator roles, removing profiles and other PhysicianLink portal features. 

Questions or issues with setting up your account? Contact us at 877-937-7366.

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