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Types of Gastrointestinal Cancer

At the Abramson Cancer Center, our skilled GI cancer specialists have deep experience caring for all types of gastrointestinal cancer, including advanced and rare cases. You receive care from a team of specialists who meet regularly in case conferences to bring you personalized cancer care with precision and compassion.

What Is Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancer?

Doctors classify cancer by where cancer cells first start growing. Gastrointestinal cancer is cancer that develops along the GI tract (also called the digestive tract). The GI tract starts at the esophagus (the tube that takes food from the mouth to the stomach) and ends at the anus (where waste exits the body).

Primary GI cancer starts growing in the GI tract. Metastatic gastrointestinal cancers originate in the GI tract, but spread to the other parts of the body.

Types of GI Tract Cancers We Treat

If you have GI cancer, you’re in the best hands at Penn Medicine. Our team only treats cancers of the digestive system. Many of our doctors are national and international leaders in the field, renowned for their skill and experience.

We treat:

Neuroendocrine Cancer Expertise

Neuroendocrine tumors (which can be found in the GI tract) look similar to GI cancers but are managed very differently. Our multidisciplinary care team has extensive experience treating these hormone-producing tumors. Learn more about neuroendocrine tumors.

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