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Questions to Ask About Cancer Clinical Trials

If you are thinking about taking part in a clinical trial, you may want to ask your doctor or nurse a list of questions to find the best options for you.

If a Study Might Be Right for You

  • Why is the study being done?
  • How might it help me?
  • What will happen to my cancer if I take part in the study? What will happen to my cancer without this study?
  • What were the results of any prior studies of this treatment?
  • What other treatments could I get if I don't take part in the study? What are the risks and side effects of that treatment?

If You Join the Study

  • How am I protected?
  • What tests and treatments are in the study?
  • Will I continue to see my current doctor, or will I be seeing a different one (or both)?
  • What effect will the study have on my daily activities? Will I still be able to work or go to school?
  • Will I have to be in the hospital?
  • What are the possible risks or side effects for me?
  • How do the risks and side effects of other treatment options compare with the study?
  • Will my insurance cover being in the study?
  • Will there be extra costs because of the study?
  • How will I be checked after the study?