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Cancer Risk and Prevention

There are many things that we know and understand about the causes and progression of different kinds of cancer. There are also many aspects of cancer development that are not yet known and understood in the world of modern medicine.

Scientists have identified some key cancer risk factors, which could potentially increase your chance of developing cancer. 

Below, we go over some of the risk factors for cancer. Also, be sure to view our cancer risk evaluation services that provide genetic testing and counseling to those who may be at higher risk for certain types of cancer. 

In This Section

  • Lifestyle Risk Factors

    You have the power to control or even eliminate many cancer risk factors, and in doing so you can minimize other critical health risks as well.

  • Other Risk Factors

    Did you know that sometimes elements in the air around you can influence your chance of developing cancer? Here are some insights that may be good to know.

  • Personal Risk Factors

    Some cancer risk factors are simply a consequence of your genetics and life-cycle.

  • Cancer Risk Evaluation Programs at Penn

    Cancer risk evaluation services, including genetic testing offered at Penn's Abramson Cancer Center, can guide you in decisions about preventative care including cancer screening and genetic counseling.