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Your Role in Your Care

Your doctor, your nurse, and your entire medical team are integral parts of your cancer care, and keys to achieving all of your goals. But the most important part of your cancer care team is you.

We know that even with the state-of-the-art expertise of our clinical teams and technologies, by taking an active role in your own treatment you can positively affect the quality of your care, your health, and your life. Taking an active role in your own care can be an amazingly empowering and positive experience, helping you through a period of uncertainty with all the benefits of stability, confidence and a sense of control. 

There are several ways to be active in your cancer care. Three of the most important ways to contribute to the success of your care are by talking to doctors, friends and family, by eating healthy foods, and by maintaining physical activity.

In This Section

  • Eating Healthy Foods

    Eating certain foods can actually help you prevent cancer, strengthen your body's natural immune system and maximize your opportunity for a good, healthy life.

  • Physical Activity

    There are many things you can do to fight off and help prevent against cancer, while bringing a multitude of other health benefits into your life.

  • Talking to Doctors, Friends and Family

    It is extremely beneficial to share your thoughts with the most important people in your life - friends, family, even doctors - in order to help you make the best decisions.

Doctor shaking hands with patient

The most important part of your cancer care team is you.