Radiobiology and Imaging Program

Program Leaders: Amit Maity, MD, PhD and Daniel Pryma, MD

The Radiobiology and Imaging Program seeks to improve patient outcomes through the advanced understanding of how ionizing and non-ionizing radiation interacts with cancer and normal tissues. The Programmatic goals are to:

  • Study molecular mechanisms of radiation response and identify targets to improve radiotherapy
  • Elucidate mechanisms underlying use of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and translate to the clinic
  • Develop methods for measuring and altering tumor oxygenation and metabolic status and understand the molecular events governing cell death by IR and physiological stresses
  • Develop novel techniques to image the interaction between radiation, PDT and tissues
  • Understand the biological effects of protons to inform their effective clinical use

The Program has moved towards new areas of inter-Programmatic emphasis including combined radiation and immunotherapy modalities and precision medicine, and it has expanded the incorporation of imaging modalities into basic and translational efforts. A major development has been the substantial expansion of both translational and clinical studies of proton therapy.

Radiobiology and Imaging Program Membership