Radiobiology and Imaging Program

Program Leaders: Constantinos Koumenis, PhD and Amit Maity, MD, PhD

The Radiobiology and Imaging Program seeks to improve patient outcomes through the advanced understanding of how ionizing and non-ionizing radiation interacts with cancer and normal tissues. The Programmatic goals are to:

  • Study molecular mechanisms of radiation response and identify targets to improve radiotherapy
  • Elucidate mechanisms underlying use of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) and translate to the clinic
  • Develop methods for measuring and altering tumor oxygenation and metabolic status and understand the molecular events governing cell death by IR and physiological stresses
  • Develop novel techniques to image the interaction between radiation, PDT and tissues
  • Understand the biological effects of protons to inform their effective clinical use

The Program has moved towards new areas of inter-Programmatic emphasis including combined radiation and immunotherapy modalities and precision medicine, and it has expanded the incorporation of imaging modalities into basic and translational efforts. A major development has been the substantial expansion of both translational and clinical studies of proton therapy.

Radiobiology and Imaging Program Membership

Sunday Akintoye, DDS, MS

Abass Alavi, MD

Edgar Ben-Josef, MD

Abigail Berman, MD, MSCE

Stefan Both, PhD

Theresa Busch, PhD

Keith Cengel, MD, PhD

Christos Davatzikos, PhD

Jay Dorsey, MD, PhD

Sydney Evans, VMD, MS

Andrea Facciabene, PhD

Yi Fan, MD, PhD

Michael Farwell, MD

Peter Gabriel, MD, MSCE

Warren Gefter, MD

Eli Glatstein, MD

Jerry Glickson, PhD

Christine Hill-Kayser, MD

Gary Kao, MD, PhD

Joel Karp, PhD

Constantinos Koumenis, PhD

Lin Li, PhD

Alexander Lin, MD

Robert Lustig, MD

Robert Mach, PhD

Amit Maity, MD, PhD

David Mankoff, MD, PhD

John Plastaras, MD, PhD

Anitoliy Popov, PhD

Daniel Pryma, MD

Rahim Rizi, PhD

Mark Rosen, MD, PhD

Sunil Singhal, MD

Michael Soulen, MD

Andrew Tsourkas, PhD

Neha Vapiwala, MD

Sergei Vinogradov, PhD

Jeffrey Winkler, PhD

Timothy Zhu, PhD