Immunobiology Program

Program Leaders: Warren Pear, MD, PhD and E. John Wherry, PhD

The Immunobiology Program serves as a rich resource for the Abramson Cancer Center in advancing an understanding of immunobiology and immunotherapy of cancer. The Program aims to:

  • Understand the fundamental aspects of immune biology, including leukocyte activation, differentiation, inactivation, and transformation as these relate to cancer
  • Forge a comprehensive understanding of tumor immune surveillance using state-of-the art in vitro, animal model, and human experimental systems
  • Guide translation of novel clinical strategies for immunotherapy of cancer by leading or collaborating on human clinical trials

The Program Leaders are Warren Pear, MD, PhD, an expert in the molecular biology of leukocyte development and malignant transformation and E. John Wherry, PhD, a leader in tumor immunology, immune exhaustion and immunotherapy. Drs. Pear and Wherry are experienced, NCI-funded investigators who are highly collaborative and whose research interests span the realm of basic and translational science. Members include international leaders in basic immunology, tumor immunobiology and translational immunotherapy who have driven landmark breakthroughs such as molecularly defining T cell exhaustion, dissecting the biologic response to checkpoint inhibition, and developing CAR T cells that revolutionized cellular therapy for cancer. Immunobiology Program members collaborate extensively with other Programs for clinical translation and biomarker discovery.

Immunobiology Program Membership