Immunobiology Program

Program Leaders: Warren Pear, MD, PhD and E. John Wherry, PhD

The Immunobiology Program aims to:

  • Understand the fundamental aspects of immune biology, including activation, differentiation, inactivation, and transformation as these relate to cancer
  • Forge a comprehensive understanding of tumor immune surveillance using state-of-the-art in vitro, animal model, and human experimental systems
  • Translate novel clinical strategies for immunotherapy of cancer by the design, implementation, and analysis of proof-of-concept human clinical trials

The members’ collective expertise serves as a rich resource for the pursuit of interdisciplinary approaches to fundamental questions about the immunobiology and immunotherapy of cancer. Members include national leaders in basic immunology, tumor immunobiology and translational immunotherapy.

Immunobiology Program Membership

David Allman, PhD

Yair Argon, PhD

Gregory Beatty, MD, PhD

Janis Burkhardt, PhD

Michael Cancro, PhD

Youhai Chen, MD, PhD

Yongwon Choi, PhD

Scott Diamond, PhD

Bruce Freedman, VMD, PhD, MS

Malay Haldar, MD, PhD

Wayne Hancock, MD, PhD, FRCPA

Christopher Hunter, PhD

Martha Jordan, PhD

Carl June, MD

Mark Kahn, MD

Taku Kambayashi, MD, PhD

David Kaplan, MD, MSc

John Lambris, PhD

Terri Laufer, MD

Anh Le, DDS, PhD

Eline Luning Prak, MD, PhD

Nicola Mason, PhD, VMD

Michael May, PhD, MSc

Michael Milone, MD, PhD

Jonni Moore, PhD

Una O’Doherty, MD, PhD

Paula Oliver, PhD

Yvonne Paterson, PhD

Warren Pear, MD, PhD

Daniel Powell, PhD

James Riley, PhD

Kathleen Sullivan, MD, PhD

Robert Vonderheide, MD, DPhil

E. John Wherry, PhD