Breast Cancer Research Program

Program Leaders: Angela DeMichele, MD, MSCE and Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD

The Breast Cancer Program of the Abramson Cancer Center is a multidisciplinary team of highly productive investigators focused on a common goal: to reduce the burden and mortality of breast cancer by elucidating biological mechanisms underlying the disease and translating this knowledge to improved detection, prevention and treatment. Breast Cancer Program members are highly collaborative, working on interconnected scientific aims that span the continuum from basic science to clinical research. Specific Aims are:

  • Elucidate the biologic, genetic and molecular mechanisms of breast cancer development and progression;
  • Advance understanding of genetic susceptibility to optimize screening and prevention for those at risk;
  • Develop innovative imaging approaches to improve breast cancer screening, detection and biomarkers to guide treatment and assess therapeutic response;
  • Translate laboratory discoveries to clinical trials of novel therapeutics, incorporating biomarkers of response and outcome.

Members made fundamental discoveries to identify breast cancer drivers, mechanisms of tumor dormancy and genome integrity, interferon response, and the relationship between radiation and immunogenicity. These findings were translated into new targeted therapeutics, novel combinations, genomic and predictive assays, and cutting-edge imaging methods and probes. Program members design and implement innovative clinical trials, leading clinical/translational teams within the Abramson Cancer Center, nationally and internationally. The complementary skills of Program Leaders Angela DeMichele, MD, MSCE (clinical trials/biomarkers) and Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD (basic science/genetics) facilitate intra- and inter-Programmatic collaborations. With clinical translation of basic science as a major focus, the Program Leaders expanded clinical research units for breast cancer and genetics, grew and curated large biospecimen banks, and recruited exceptional senior and junior faculty.

Breast Cancer Research Program Membership