Cancer Therapeutics Program

Program Leaders: Ravi Amaravadi, MD and Naomi Haas, MD

The overall goal of the Cancer Therapeutics Program at the Abramson Cancer Center is to use mechanistic insights emerging from our basic science labs to improve cancer therapy for patients with advanced solid tumors. Cancer Therapeutics members accomplish this goal through three Specific Aims:

  • Translate mechanistic biologic insights into Phase I trials
  • Use data from Phase I trials to perform Phase II and Phase III trials to change clinical practice
  • Discover and develop innovative biomarkers that enhance safety and efficacy of cancer therapies

The Program is co-led by Drs. Ravi Amaravadi and Naomi Haas, who are NCI-funded researchers who bring highly complementary scientific visions and a notable depth of experience as accomplished translational researchers. The Cancer Therapeutics Program encompasses a full range of basic, translational, and clinical research. Program members work on improving cancer therapies for patients with advanced, lethal, and often highly symptomatic solid tumors.

Cancer Therapeutics Program Membership