Cancer Therapeutics Program

Program Leaders: Ravi Amaravadi, MD and Naomi Haas, MD

Founded in 1993, the Cancer Therapeutics Program is a multidisciplinary and interdepartmental Program that seeks to improve patient outcomes through the rapid development of novel research ideas that are translatable to the clinical arena and ideally can be individualized to disease and patient-specific settings.

The Programmatic goals are as follows:

  • Bring forward novel preclinical breakthroughs from the bench to the bedside and bring relevant cancer therapeutics from the clinic to the lab in order to enhance the mechanistic understanding of cancer therapeutics
  • Develop pharmacodynamic and predictive markers to select the best drugs for the patients most likely to respond
  • Take new drugs from first-in-human Phase I trials to disease-specific clinical trials that will have a significant impact on establishing new standards of care

These goals are applied across four research themes: targeted therapies, combinations to overcome resistance, immunotherapy, and predictive and pharmacodynamic biomarkers.

Cancer Therapeutics Program Membership