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Our experience in the real world practice of tobacco dependence treatment motivates us to take on several research, educational and advocacy responsibilities, aimed at influencing health care practice patterns related to tobacco, and changing the policies that govern the issue. Collectively, our aim is to reduce the environmental factors that encourage children to initiate tobacco use, while systematically working to resolve the obstacles that keep established smokers from effective therapy. The current health care environment often falls short, with government, private sector insurers, and individual institutions challenged to find ways of improving access to appropriate care while containing costs.

We feel strongly that participating in this discussion can have broad implications on the nature of tobacco dependence treatment moving forward.

  • Policy

    Program faculty and staff have been involved in a number of policy initiatives throughout the years.

  • Research

    Our research theme focuses on the advancement of tobacco use treatment strategies in health care.

  • Education

    We strive to educate others by sharing our multidisciplinary approach for the treatment of nicotine addiction and cessation.

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