PixelPrint produces patient-specific lung phantoms with reliable CT attenuation profiles and visible high resolution soft tissue structure:

Patient-based Lung Phantom Images, pixel print
Patient-based Lung Phantom replicates the original CT image texture and contrast. (a) Photograph of the printed patient-based phantom. (b) CT image of patient-based phantom. (c) CT image of patient lung. Yellow, red and blue boxes indicate zoomed-in regions of the patient DICOM image. Window level/width = -500/1000 HU.

To streamline the development of CT technology and evaluation of post-processing tools (including radiomic features) and allow the larger medical, academic, and industrial CT community to have access to PixelPrint, we offer copies of our tested phantom designs as well as customized phantoms based on specific CT lung images. These are available for quick delivery at low cost.

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Learn more about the development of and possible applications for PixelPrint: Three-dimensional printing of patient-specific lung phantoms for CT imaging: emulating lung tissue with accurate attenuation profiles and textures

PixelPrint is a joint project between LACTI and the AIAI Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University.

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