Department of Radiology

This endeavor is interwoven with the development and application of molecular imaging and spectroscopy tools to allow for better understanding of disease mechanisms (e.g., metabolism) and the monitoring of therapy responses at the molecular and functional level.

We are building a dynamic and multidisciplinary team that includes basic scientists and clinicians for translations from bench to bed and vice versa.


Rong Zhou, PhD
Office: 198 John Morgan Building
3620 Hamilton Walk
Phone: (215) 746-8747

Toni Franco
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (215) 898-1808

  • Projects

    Our lab is focused on projects to develop experimental therapeutic approaches for heart failure and for cancer. Read about our projects here.

  • Meet Our Team

    Meet the members of the Metabolic & Molecular Imaging of Cardiovascular Diseases (MMICD) Lab.

  • Publications

    See a select list of publications from MMICD over the last several years, focusing on the development and application of imaging technologies to study cardiovascular disease and therapy response.

  • MMICD Alumni

    Meet members and alumni of the MMICD.

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