Edge™ Radiosurgery

Patient receiving Edge™ radiosurgery

Edge radiosurgery uses non-invasive tumor-destroying radiation to treat cancer anywhere in the body where radiation is indicated.  This advanced technology is very precise, accurate and fast. When you undergo an Edge™ radiosurgery treatment, the beams damage cancerous cells while minimizing exposure to nearby healthy cells.

There are several steps to an Edge radiosurgery treatment:

  • Tumor visualization – 3-D images are generated so your doctor knows the size, shape and location of your tumor, planning, treatment delivery, imaging during treatment and follow-up care.
  • Planning – A treatment plan is developed that specifies the correct dosage, where it is delivered and a schedule for treatment.
  • Treatment – You will be positioned on a treatment table and your treatment will begin. The machine that creates the beam will rotate 360 degrees around you. Throughout treatment, advanced imaging technology enables your doctor to view your tumor from virtually every angle. This enables your treatments to be delivered with high precision.
  • Follow-up Care – After the procedure, you'll undergo follow-up care to monitor your progress and recovery.

Edge Radiosurgery is available at Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital. For more information or to request a consultation call us at 800-789-7366.