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Strength After Breast Cancer-A Physical Therapy Program

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Program Overview

Good Shepherd Penn Partners (GSPP) Penn Therapy and Fitness and researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have created a new program for breast cancer survivors. This new program, Strength After Breast Cancer, educates survivors about lymphedema and helps them to build strength.

Strength After Breast Cancer is available to all breast cancer survivors who have completed their cancer treatments. Ask your oncology clinician and physical therapist if you are eligible. You may be a good candidate if:

  • You want your strength and energy back
  • You have questions about changes in your upper body caused by cancer treatment
  • You want to learn more about lymphedema risk reduction and control
  • You do things differently with your upper body than you did before your cancer

Why Penn’s Strength After Breast Cancer Program is Different

Our program is based on measurable results from the Physical Activity and Lymphedema (PAL) Trial, a one-year randomized controlled exercise intervention trial funded by the National Cancer Institute.

Women who participated in the PAL study found the following benefits:

  • 50% reduction of the likelihood of lymphedema worsening among women with lymphedema
  • 70% reduction of the likelihood of arm swelling increases among women who had 5 or more lymph nodes removed
  • Improved strength
  • Improved body image
  • Reduced body fat

Treatments and Services Offered by the Strength After Breast Cancer Program

Exercise can help you regain strength after your cancer treatment. We are here to help you return to yourself.

Our program includes:

  • An individualized assessment of strength, range of motion, and upper body issues
  • Individual care of any physical function or breast cancer related issues
  • A one-hour lymphedema education program
  • Four one-hour group based exercise classes
  • An exercise program to continue at home (or a gym)

To speak directly with a therapist about the program, please call 215-662-4242.

Appointments and Locations

Please call 877-9MYREHAB to make an appointment at the location nearest you that offers this program.

We have locations in:

A physician prescription is required. You may obtain a prescription from your primary care doctor or your specialty care physician.


Most major insurance plans are accepted, but insurance coverage varies from plan to plan. Please check your policy for information on referrals and coverage of services.