More than a New Hospital

The Pavilion at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania represents the latest piece in decades of investment in a connected medical campus.


Ending the Isolation

The U.S. health care system treats body and mind as separate. But in the hospital and in the clinic, a new integrated care model treats a person as a whole.


Salud y Comunidad (Health and Community)

Over the course of a decade of volunteering with Puentes de Salud, Daphne Owen became a doctor, championed education in an underserved community, forged bonds of friendship, traveled across the continent, and emerged as a leader who will continue to take the South Philadelphia health clinic forward.


A New Path to Parenthood

A uterus transplant at Penn Medicine made the impossible a reality for Jennifer and Drew Gobrecht.

  • Editors Note

    Bridges and Visions

    You’ll find bridges, both metaphorical and literal throughout this issue—as well as visionaries like Larson who see a need to cross some chasm or build a connectionand commit themselves to making it happen.
  • Pavilion

    Vital Signs

    This winter, it’s not just Philadelphians who have bundled up against the cold. The Pavilion—Penn Medicine’s new, $1.5 billion hospital set to open in 2021—also received a weather-proofed “jacket” for the season.
  • med plus

    A Curious Student of Communication and Comfort

    A physician reflects on a morning spent shadowing a hospital chaplain.
  • Dev

    Genetics and Generosity Connect Two Family Legacies

    The Pearl Basser Professorship cements a connection to drive change—and provide hope—for families affected by BRCA-related cancers.
  • Kaplan

    Awards, Progress Notes and Obituaries

    Career updates and obituaries for alumni and faculty.
  • future prog

    Watching Life Begin

    Within every embryo are the raw ingredients of life. A new lab at Penn points the camera lens to watch how these ingredients come together in early mammalian development.
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