“Cellicon Valley” Comes to the Sunshine State

Escaping the chaos of the Philadelphia winter, leading physicians and researchers from Penn Medicine offered guests in sunny Palm Beach and alumni in Naples an insider’s view of the next great medical innovations.

“Penn and the city of Philadelphia have long traditions of innovation, so there should be little surprise that we’re being recognized a national leader in research, start-ups, and commercialization,” noted Dean J. Larry Jameson, MD, PhD.

“And Penn Medicine wouldn’t be the powerhouse it is today without the combined strengths of our champion faculty and dedicated philanthropic partners,” said Ralph Muller, CEO of the University of Pennsylvania Health System. “Being able to share knowledge that helps promote a healthier and well-informed public—it’s a big reason why we love to visit our friends in Florida each year.”


Thank You to Our Penn Medicine in Naples Host Committee!


Patty & Jay Baker

Jacqueline & Arturo Balandra, MD

Mary & John G. Brehm, MD

Dottie & David Brennan

Julie & James Guerra, MD

Fern Feinberg & Jeffrey M. Hoffman, MD

Graceann & Jack Hoopes

Fenise Brown & G. David Hopper, MD

Barbara V. Howard, PhD & William “Jim” Howard, MD

Kimberly & Robert Klausner, MD

Susan & Jim Shea

Lynn Burke & Steve Taub

Rhoda & Gene Temkin

Joseph R. Zebrowitz, MD


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