Penn's Division of Transplant Surgery was created with the mission to integrate scientific discoveries into treatment options for our patients. Our surgeons provide excellent clinical care while advancing the field through research.

Patient outcomes after transplantation at Penn are outstanding and our clinical programs are considered to be among the best in the country. We are determined to provide superior care.

Highly Experienced

Penn surgeons pioneered numerous advances in transplant surgery, including living donor kidney transplantation, clinical islet transplantation, robotic laparoscopic kidney donation surgery, muscle sparing thoracotomy in lung transplantation and living donor liver transplantation. Penn's heart transplant program is the fastest growing in the region.

Our surgeons perform more transplant procedures than any other center in the area. This experience enables us to provide some of the best possible treatments and outcomes for our patients.

In fact, a recent nationwide study by the University Health System Consortium of the country's leading transplant centers found the Liver Transplant Program at Penn to be a "Best Provider" based on rigorous criteria that focused on improving member performance.

Respected in the Field

The National Institutes of Health and other funding sources continually support our surgeons' research. Their discoveries are presented at the most important surgical and medical conferences, both nationally and internationally, and have been published in some of the most prominent medical journals, including Science, Nature Medicine and the New England Journal of Medicine.

Penn's unique interdisciplinary team approach towards the transplantation process has resulted in outstanding achievements by a committed group of surgeons, physicians, transplant nurse coordinators and personnel.

Clinical Care

Leaders in Education and Research

The Division of Transplant Surgery is the highest NIH funded surgical division in the country. We offer the following programs:

Current Research Activities

Our access to clinical trials enables us to provide some of the newest and best therapies to our patients.

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