Division of Thoracic Surgery

As members of one of the premier general thoracic surgery programs in the world, Penn's thoracic surgeons were among the first nationwide to form a separate section within a division of cardiothoracic surgery specializing in non-cardiac thoracic surgery.

This means our surgeons are highly specialized, focusing their time, talents and education completely on thoracic disorders such as:

  • lung cancer
  • esophageal cancer
  • emphysema
  • thymic and other mediastinal diseases
  • mesothelioma
  • hyperhidrosis

In fact, our thoracic surgeons see more thoracic patients than any other hospital in the Delaware Valley.

Among the Nation's Best

We continue to be national leaders in the treatment of various thoracic conditions. As one of the early pioneers in video assisted surgery (VATS), we have made continued advances with this and other minimally invasive techniques which enables us to perform many operations through small incisions resulting in less pain and a shorter recovery period for our patients.

Our access to clinical trials enables us to provide some of the newest and best therapies to our patients too.

For more information about clinical, educational and research work, visit Penn Surgery Division of Thoracic Surgery at the Perelman School of Medicine website.

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