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At Penn Medicine, we aim to provide high quality, family-centered care for all of our patients, regardless of personal characteristics while delivering such equitable care within an inclusive clinical learning environment that support all members of a diverse workforce

Through the Penn Medicine Center for Health Equity Advancement, we have affirmed our commitments to these goals by providing the infrastructure needed to educate, innovate, and advance efforts designed to eliminate health and healthcare disparities. 

Health Equity is Our Priority

Patrick J. Brennan, MD"Health equity is about ensuring that all of our patients are treated in the way that they need to be treated without regard to their personal characteristics. That's our goal at Penn Medicine."

Our Mission

The Center for Health Equity Advancement aims to: 

  • To provide high quality patient/family-centered care for all, irrespective of their background or culture
  • To invest in community partnerships to tackle barriers to achieving optimal health for all communities that we serve
  • To ensure our clinical and learning environments are inclusive and promote the advancement of a diverse workforce and student body
  • To develop the evidence-base to inform efforts to advance equity and inclusion

"We envision a health system where every diverse voice is heard, where every unique perspective is considered," explained Jaya Aysola, MD, MPH (Executive Director). "Promoting an inclusive culture benefits not only those that work, train, study, and/or advance science within our health system, but also those that seek care here. When we value each other it enhances our ability to care for our patients.

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