LaMonica-Williams-HubschmanCongratulationsto the 2013 Lynn and Emil Hubschman Award recipient, LaMonica Williams, a unit clerk in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit.The Hubschman Award annually recognizes an individual who exemplifies thePennsylvania Hospital tradition of combining compassion and caring with anoutstanding performance of responsibilities.

LaMonica Williams, shown here with Mrs. and Mr. Hubschman at the Award Ceremony held in theGreat Court May 23.

LaMonica,who has been a vital part of PAH for the past 24 years, was chosen out of 33nominees. She began her career at PAHin February of 1989, in the Department of Food & Nutrition Services at theInstitute of the Pennsylvania Hospital. After the Institute closed in January1997, she joined the main Hospital campus as a patient care tech in the CardiacCare Unit. She joined the PACU team in 1999, as a unit assistant, and was namedunit clerk in 2005.

A deeply caring memberof the Pennsy family, LaMonica has demonstrated continuous kindness, caring andsupport for both patients and co-workers alike.

The best way to describeLaMonica and what she means to PAH is to share some of the comments hercolleagues included in their nomination forms: 

  • LaMonica is always professional and caring.Having worked with Lynn (Hubschman) for many years I am sure LaMonica is thekind of employee she had in mind when she created this award.
  • LaMonica works in a very busy department as theunit secretary and takes the position to a whole new level…She supports thenurses in her department by lending an extra smile…or getting a blanket for apatient in need…or by getting that necessary form no one else seems to be ableto locate.

  • LaMonica is truly is a deserving recipient ofthis award. She embodies the characteristics of compassion, dedication, alovely sense of humor, and an unfailing commitment to service at PennsylvaniaHospital. And – she demonstrates all of these characteristics daily.
  • LaMonica always goes above the line of duty. Shehelps everyone in her department, as well as everyone in other departments too.She has a quote she recites every day: “Nation’s first and patients First.” She will go out of her way to helpanyone that has to do with this Hospital…and as a co-worker, I say, “Hooray!” toher and all her extra efforts as a unit clerk, co-worker, and assistant. And toall whom cross LaMonica’s path you will see for yourself – and you’d nominateher too!

Mrs.Lynn Hubschman, who served as the Director of Social Work Services at PAH for14 years, promoted high standards of professionalism while fostering andencouraging an exceptional attitude of caring that is the hallmark of PAH.Thanks to continued support from the Hubschman’s, PAH has been able to createand maintain this tradition promoting high standards of compassionate care andprofessional excellence by recognizing an employee or staff member each yearthat exemplifies what the award represents.


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