Relationship-Based-Care-Nurse-LogoHospital staff and friends gathered in Zubrow auditorium last month forthe third-annual Relationship-Based Care Awards. The awards were created as away to recognize professional nursing and inter-disciplinary team membersthroughout the organization. Recipients - chosen by the staff nurse members of the CNO Partnership with the Leaders at theBedside team, Managers and Educators – are exceptional role models fromall disciplines selected for exemplifying the tenets of PAH’s professionalpractice model of relationship-based care:  leadership, teamwork,professional nursing practice, patient care delivery, resource-driven practice,and outcomes measurement.

Nursing-honoring-Fac-MgmtReceivingfewer than 50 nominations during its first year in 2011, the Relationship-BasedCare awards have since grown tremendously, with a total of 123 nominations thisyear.

Shown here are PAH CNO MaryDel Guidice and Nursing Clinical Directors presenting the Partnership Award tothe staff of Facilities Management and Engineering for their exemplary teamworkefforts throughout the planning, design and renovation processes of the PrivateRoom Initiative.

The full list ofaward winners, categories and relationship-based care domains are as follows:

  • Brittany Stofko, DO, Physician Partner, Leadership
  • Megan Donaghy, MSN,CRM, RN, Advanced Practice Nurse, Care Delivery
  • Tanya Carmichael,MSN, RN, Nursing Education, Professionalism
  • Kathleen Hassett,RRT, Multidisciplinary Team Member, Teamwork
  • 6 Schiedt, Nursing Team, Outcomes
  • LaMonica Williams, Nursing Support, Teamwork
  • Tara Solis, RN, Women’s Services, Care Delivery
  • Dawn Cater, BSN, RN, Behavioral Health/Procedural/Skilled Care, Professionalism
  • Nancy Viola, BSN,RN, Medical/Surgical, Outcomes
  • Stefanie McConomoy,BSN, RN, Perioperative, Care Delivery
  • Gina Knight, BSN,RN, Critical Care/ED, Professionalism
  • Lisa O’Neill, BSN,RN, Nurse Manager, Leadership
  • Richard Elliot, BSN,RN, Transformational Leadership, Leadership
  • FacilitiesManagement/Engineering, Partnership Award, Teamwork


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