Blood-driveFriday, August 30
7:00am – 5:00 pm 
2nd Floor McClelland Conference Room
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Questions?Contact Blood Bank at 215.829.3218.

DonateBlood. Please.
Summer is themost challenging time of the year to collect blood for patients. PennsylvaniaHospital – and indeed other hospitals throughout the Delaware Valley – isfeeling the effects of the summer trend. Blood donations have droppedsignificantly in the past few weeks and a blood shortage has been declared.

The shortage is feltall across the country. Did you know that every two seconds, someone in Americaneeds blood? Every day, 34,000 donations are needed to help save the lives ofcancer patients, trauma victims and children with blood disorders in the UnitedStates. Yet a little goes a long way as just one pint of blood can help save asmany as three lives. 

Ourhospital plays an important part in a nationwide effort to increase blooddonations. But we need your help. Your participation – which takes less than anhour – can have a significant life saving impact. 

Tohear stories from blood recipients, click here.

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