John J. Herman, MBA, FACHE, CEO of Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health

Hello everyone! In just a short time, I have learned so much about Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, as well as the communities we serve. I am most impressed by the character of the people and the passion to provide exceptional care. It’s already become quite clear to me that this is a very special place.

As we get to know each other, you will see that communication is very important to me. Here in my monthly column, and in other forums, I’ll share more about me and my approach to leadership, as well as provide perspectives on what is most important for you to know as an LG Health employee.

In my first message, I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself. The most important thing for you to know is that, for me, family comes first. I want you to care for yourself and your family in the same way…and that family includes each of us, as colleagues.

I grew up in a small town in western New York, the oldest of three children. I lived a very simple life, hunting, fishing and playing outside. As a teenager, I worked on a neighboring dairy farm, where I threw hay bales and chopped wood. My love for spending time outdoors remains strong today.

While at Canisius College in Buffalo, I had the opportunity to play football. My work ethic more than my talent allowed me to start as a strong safety for three years, which included recovering from a serious knee injury. Playing college football taught me many life lessons. I learned that much of success depends on discipline, teamwork and staying focused on our priorities.

My wife Lisa and I met at college. We got married and bought our first house within the same week. Today, we’ve been married 28 years, and we have two children. Our son John is pursuing a career in corporate tax accounting with hopes of practicing law, and our daughter Alex, a senior at Louisiana State University, hopes to become a clinical psychologist.

Our family owes much of our success to Lisa. She’s a great mom – balancing her incredible drive with never-ending compassion. She’s dedicated to our family and to her work as a vice president for a large international banking company.

I have spent almost my entire career in health care, most recently in New Orleans, Louisiana. Lisa and I are excited to settle into our new home in Lancaster.

Our families still live in western New York, which is about five hours from here. We are very grateful for what we have, especially our families, and we strive to be thankful and live in the moment.

Health is important to us – both physically and mentally. I wake up early every morning and take a long walk with my yellow Labrador retriever, Maxwell. As we walk, I think about my priorities and what I hope to accomplish in the day ahead.

You won’t find me sitting at home or in my office for very long. Lisa and I like to be active; we enjoy the outdoors and spending time with people. Like many of you, after a year of COVID precautions, we look forward to gathering with family and friends once again.

I’m also eager to personally meet many of you in the weeks and months ahead. If you see me around, I will normally say “hello,” so please say hello back. As I begin to live my legacy at LG Health, I look forward to working alongside you in service to our patients and this very special community.

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