Headshot of Michele VolpeOn January 1, the Hospital and Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania (HAP) welcomed a new year and a new chapter of leadership as Michele Volpe, CEO of Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, began her term as chair of the Board of Directors. Volpe — who was elected unanimously to the position this past July — has been involved with the organization for decades. In earlier stages of her career, she participated in the work of committees centered on topics like behavioral health and strategic planning. In 2016, she was asked to join the Board of Directors, and she was elected treasurer in 2019.

"I was excited by the opportunity to be closer to the decision-making and to play a greater role in helping the organization formulate their positions and drive solutions to support and transform healthcare across Pennsylvania," she said. "My association with HAP has been not only enjoyable, but gratifying; now, having the privilege to work with Andy Carter and his team as chair is truly a key moment in my career."

HAP is a statewide membership services organization that advocates for more than 240 hospitals, health systems, and patient care facilities across Pennsylvania, ranging from large academic medical centers to small rural hospitals serving extensive regions. HAP maintains an annual state and federal advocacy agenda and ensures the legislative and regulatory interests of providers and patients alike are represented. The organization also spearheads quality and safety initiatives, conducts an annual organ donation awareness campaign, and offers services in areas such as emergency management, finance and reimbursement, and hospital and insurance data. HAP's 28-member board, which is comprised of health care leaders from across the state, works to set the organization's strategic direction and priorities.

"It will be my responsibility to work with HAP's directors to identify and consider issues of significance to the collective health care field and work through solutions that benefit all," Volpe said. "That's one of the things that I like about HAP: It constantly seeks input from its board through formal meetings and in-between so the organization can understand the needs and interests of its members."

Despite all of the recent challenges faced by health care workers and organizations, HAP President and CEO Andy Carter is optimistic. "Now, more than ever, our Board of Directors needs the steady hands of seasoned leaders to steer the hospital community through the COVID-19 crisis and into a post-pandemic world," he said. "I have every confidence that — with the leadership of Michele Volpe — our new class of directors will bring the right mix of best practices, collaboration, and new ideas to help us evolve to meet the changing needs of our hospitals and health care workforce, and the patients they serve."

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